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DD Sponsors

Crossroads Counseling                        Equine Equitation


Los Caballos Veterinary Services          Shaun Woodsum, CJF


Grey Haven Acres, LLC                       Suzanne Grundy

Splendid Pony, LLC                               Public Relation Initiatives
Harmony Vet Care                                Joyce Tanner Photography

DD Sponsorships


How can I be a DD Sponsor?

Sponsorship is easy! Simply download, print, and mail in the Sponsor Form with your check. The instructions are on the form. You can find the Sponsor Form on the Forms page.


What Does a DD Sponsor Get?

You get to pick which classes you want to sponsor at whichever DD shows you want to support. We will announce your name before each ride in the class, add you to this page, and provide a sign for you at the shows. 


How Much Does it Cost to be a DD Sponsor?

The cost is $10 per class per show. There will be three schooling shows this year.

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